Pirates Invade the Space Room!

On Thursday, March 24th, PDXYAR teams up with Dangerous Kids to present “Pirates!” at the Space Room Lounge. Starting at 9pm, this is a 21 and over event which will feature music, free booty, pirates and of course GROG!

Pirate attire is strongly encouraged, but not required.

To hear Captain Redgoat and the Dangerous Kids talk about the event check out their PoDKast by clicking here.

When: March 24th at 9pm
Where: The Space Room Lounge
4800 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard
Portland, OR 97215
(503) 235-6957

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Ice Pirates! Really, We’re Not Kidding.

If you live in the Portland metro area, pirates are coming to an ice rink near you. Yes, you read that right. While pirates generally prefer warmer climes and water of a less solid variety, this Friday the Swashbucklers of Stumptown will make and exception.

PDXYAR will be joining other crews in support of the Portland Pirate Festival as we come ashore at the Rose Garden while the Winterhawks take on Seattle. Not only will there be pirates wondering the area, posing for photos and perhaps even singing a shanty or two, but the evening will also feature “Pirates on Ice.”

If you are unable to make the game in person, make sure to watch the game on the Fox Sports Network (FSN) to see if your favorite pirate makes it on camera!

What: Portland Winterhawks vs the Seattle Thunderbirds
When: Friday, March 4th at 7pm
Why: Why? Um, Pirates!
Where: The Rose Garden

Get your tickets here:

The Time has Come: The League Season 5 Finale!

Are ye prepared to cross blades and stand in the face of thunderous cannon fire as ye match wits with cagiest pirate captains ever to sail the seas of a constructable strategy game?  Ye had better be, for it is time for the PDXYAR Pirates League Season 5 Finale!

The finale gets underway at 7pm on Saturday, February 26th at Guardian Games.  The event is open to all ages and anyone interested in playing, not just current league players.  Please note that minors will not be allowed entry to “The Critical Slip” bar area, and current league players must play under the current point restrictions (click here for details).  If you are not a league player you may construct any fleet they desire from the three sealed packs they receive for paying the entrance fee.

Speaking of the entry fee, this will be $20.  For your money you will recieve three packs of “Pirates of the Cursed Seas” and five tokens good for a drink or slice of pizza.

You will be playing for first of all glory and the honor to unseat the season 4 defending champion, Seacrest.  As well, we will have glorious prizes for those who compete and the League winner will be awarded the trophy until the next finale.

What: The PDXYAR “Pirates of the Cursed Seas” Season 5 League Finale
When: Saturday, February 26th
Who: Anyone- League players, non League players, all ages
Why: Glory, fun, pirates, prizes, pizza and beer
Where: Guardian Games
303 Southeast 3rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 238-4000

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The Portland Mini Fringe Theater Festival Begins February 15th

A unique festival  is coming to Portland this very week. The Portland Mini Fringe Festival will bring artists from across the country, and Canada, to town for six weeks of shows and classes.

With shows of all kinds spanning the upcoming weeks there is sure to be something to entertain everyone, and far more to be summarized it this simple post.  For complete details on the festival, shows and educational offerings please visit Portland Mini Fringe Festival

Tickets Ticket Prices are:
$15 General ticket – includes 2 shows
$12 student/military
$10 Individual show – one show only
There is also a Festival Pass which for $60 includes all festival shows  including the 3 FUSE shows.
Class Pricing is:
$20 visiting artists classes – Sundays 2pm, March 6, 13, 20 and 27.
$10 Fuse classes on Tuesdays
Enrollment will be available here.

PDXYAR Engages in Video Pirating!

Lights…Camera… Pirates!

PDXYAR is filed with swashbuckling pride to announce the launching of our new video page and our very own YouTube channel.

Now, if ye be the inquisitive sort, you might be thinking, “why both?” and a good question it would be too.  Since you asked we have an answer for you.  In the murky, ever shifting, waters of the interwebs, there lies buried treasure the likes of which might be video clips showing the mutinous crew of PDXYAR engaged in various acts of piracy.  As we uncover these we will link to them on the video page.

To check out these video click here, or you can now also find “Videos” in the menu at the top of the page.

On the other hand, there are times we will capture members of the crew in action ourselves, and these videos we will post to the YouTube channel.  Which means, if our illustrious Sailing Master Domingo Sanchez Villeréal, or “Dingo” to his friends, were to be seen dancing a jig along a busy city street, it might look something like this:

We here at PDXYAR shamelessly recommend you follow this link to our YouTube channel and become a subscriber. Doing so will enable you to know when future additions are made to channel.

If you happen to be digging for interwebs treasure and strike gold in terms of a video featuring the crew of PDXYAR, please pass signals to our Helmsman, Ramrod McMurphy. We will see about putting in on videos page, and you will have our thanks.

[Updated] Neverworlds Masquerade- Faeries vs Pirates

UPDATE: In some late breaking news, we have learned that the Bilgerats & Pyrettes will be playing in the pub between the mainstage sets at the Faerieworld Masquerade. Add this to the list of reasons to make the journey to Eugene this weekend!

A week from Saturday, Eugene will be the place to be, as the Faerieworlds Winter Celebration presents the Neverworlds Masquerade.  Normally great bands and free flowing grog is enough to get our attention, but this year the  Neverworlds Masquerade casts down a challenge that should not, nay- must not be ignored.  With a theme of “Faeries vs. Pirates” the event will feature a tug-of-war battle between the two groups to determine which will rule Neverworlds at Faerieworlds this summer.

Now, as if an epic battle between buccaneers and sparkly, winged opponents was not enough reason to suit up and strap on your cutlass, there is more.  This year’s masquerade will benifit the Portland Pirate Festival. The fine folks of Faerieworlds will be donating a cash payment as well as a portion of the ticket sales to help the ensure the Portland Pirate Festival remains afloat.

So, let’s recap… Pirates, Faeries, a battle for dominance and bragging rights, music, dancing and it will help the Portland Pirate Festival.  Sounds like there needs to be lots of folks setting a southerly course on I5 that weekend.

Ticketing and Information:
When: January 29
The doors open at 7:30, the music starts at 8:30

Tickets are $25 for adults and $12.50 for children

Buy your tickets here

For more details and list of preformers visit the Faerieworlds Winter Celebration website

2011 Winter Celebration Passes

Getting there and lodging:

Faerieworlds is currently working on a special discount hotel to be announced this week.  This will be announced here.

The event will held at the McDonald Theatre

1010 Willamette Street
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 345-4442

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The Portland Pirate Festival- A New Home and New Dates

On Tuesday the Portland Pirate Festival announced the iconic event will be moving ports of call. Unlike previous years, the sixth annual festival will be held in Old Town, St. Helens.

Wait there is more. Not only is there a change of venues, but new dates as well. This year you will be able to carouse with pirates, buccaneers and other scallywags over the Labor Day weekend! With the main event scheduled for September 3rd and 4th, there is also the possibility of a special soiree on the evening of the 2nd.

Of course, PDXYAR is planning on once again being a part of this swashbuckling cabal, be on the lookout for details as we get closer to September!

[Updated] Bilgerats & Pyrettes to Play the Hawthorne Theatre December 19th

[Update] From Bilgerats & Pyrettes:”Tonight is the night. For you who purchased hard copy tickets from us in advance, you’ll be on the WILL CALL list, just in case you lose that ticket. We will be playing before 9:00 pm, if that helps! See you all tharrrrr!!!!”

[Update] It has been announced that there will be a couple additions to the show. PDXYAR’s own Captain Redgoat will be preforming a special telling of “A Pirate’s Night Before Christmas.” As well, Captain Whitebeard himself will be making an appearance!

Plunderous pirate music is set to take the stage as the Bilgerats and Pyrettes play the Hawthorne Theatre this December 19th. Join this crew of miscreant musicians, which includes some of our very own PDXYAR mates, as they preform a truly unique acoustic collection of pirate themed music in an all ages show. For those not fortunate enough to have experienced Bilgerats & Pyrettes before, you can expect to enjoy music includes traditional sea shanties, along with original compositions and familiar contemporary pieces


For the pirate community, this is more than just another show. Bilgerats & Pyrettes is the very first pirate band booked to play an Afton show at the Hawthorne Theatre. Ticket pre-sales is done in advance and the numbers of tickets sold will determine when they play and if they are invited to ever play the venue again. If this is your kind of music make sure to get your tickets and help expand its reach!

Order Tickets HERE!

For more information on Bilgerats & Pyrettes:

Their downloadable single found here
Connect with the band on Facebook
Enjoy some of their music below:


Concert Details:

When: Decemeber 19th

Time: Doors open at 6:45. Playing order to be determined by ticket sales

What: An all ages concert (cash bar with a valid ID only)

Cost: $10 advanced tickets/ $12 at the door

Where: The Hawthorn Theatre, 1507 SE 39th Ave, Portland (Note: Online maps may place the theatre at 3862 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard)

Why: Because you are a pirate- enough said

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Olde Towne St Helens- The Halloween Towne Gathering

Come out on Saturday and join the likes of PDXYAR, the Cloud City Garrison of the 501st Legion, the Mandalorian Mercs and other crews associated with the Portland Pirate Festival for the Halloween Towne Gathering.

Beyond the Halloween flavored fun of this event we will be attempting to break world record for Largest Halloween Gathering.  To do so we will have to beat Bloomington, Indiana’s 2009 record of 508 people in Halloween Costumes gathered in one place.  So, suit up and head for St. Helens!

Registration for the Guinness World Record™ attempt begins at noon with the count will be conducted between 5pm and 7pm.

Where: Olde Towne St. Helens, OR

When: Saturday, October 30

Cost: Free with a canned food donation

Getting there

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If you are unable to find parking at the event site, extra parking is located at St. Helens High School & Lewis & Clark Elementary School.  Free Park and Ride will be offered from 3pm-9pm to Olde Towne. The stops include St. Helens High parking lot,Lewis & Clark school parking lot and Olde  Towne’s Court House Plaza.