Swashbuckler of the Month- Avelina Morley

The Swashbuckler of the Month is a new feature where we highlight a member of the PDXYAR crew. Consider it sort of an employee of the month program, if you will. The exception being that sometimes we will select the crew member based on merit and diligent attention to their duties, while other times it is whomever threatened the selection committee the worst. I will leave it up to you to determine who fits in which category.

What is your name?

Avelina Morley

What is your position aboard El Tiburon?


Do you have a nickname, or something you prefer to be called?

Ava (a.k.a. The Black Widow)

If so, how did you get that nickname?

Severe trust issues. *gufaw* No seriously. I’ll cut you if you don’t laugh.

I have a reputation for not keeping a mate for very long.

Where are you from?

Breton originally. I was bred into a loyalty to England, but I believe there is Celtic and French heritage back there along my bloodline somewhere.

What were your parents like?

My father, Sir William Morley, was a British noble and naval engineer/investor who owned property in Breton. My mother, Anna-Maria Petit, was born and raised in Paris and was well connected in French society. She was significantly younger than my father, very impetuous and had a taste for high fashion and theatre.

Do you have any siblings?

When I was seven, my mother conceived another child. However, there were complications and she died bringing forth a son, Thomas Morley. Sadly, Thomas was sickly and deformed and died only days after my mother.

How did you become a pirate/privateer?

After I murdered my husband (did I mention trust issues?)I decided to cover up the crime, fake my own death and assume his identity. Soon after, I joined the crew of The Tempest, which was sailing under the authority of Captain Elric Brewer at the time. I became known as a worthy and faithful crewmember–a fact that proved valuable when an injury brought me to the ship’s medical officer, who discovered that I was in fact not a man. Years later, with the backing of some of the crew, I mutinied the captain of the Tempest, marooning him and his loyalists and renaming the ship, the Widow’s Scourge.

How long have you been a member of the crew?

My stint aboard El Tiburon as the boatswain has been for only a few watches, but she’s a fine vessel.

When the ship approaches battle, how do you feel, personally?

Elated. My heart is beating with enthusiasm. My skin feels electrified. I feel inspired, powerful, and liberated.

Are you a fighter?

I live for the fight. Some days it feels like I have fire in my veins. Hello… I killed my husband.

What weapons and tactics do you like to use?

Daggers. More specifically, throwing daggers or perhaps a short sword, Florentine style. In a pinch, I can wield a flail like the best of them and I am a fine archer as well.

What’s your favorite color?

Blood red and black. Naturally. I am also a fan of purple and gold, the colors of my ship, The Widow’s Scourge.

PDXYAR Pirates Land at the Portland Children’s Museum

Calling all young scallywags, powder monkeys and rovers in training, this Saturday the Portland Children’s Museum will play host to the Pirate Celebration. This will be a unique interactive learning event featuring crafts, games, pirate appearances, storytelling, singing and even a touch of sword play.

PDXYAR is proud to be contributing to the full program of activities and interaction for the kids. We will be on hand from 11am until 3pm and beyond the scheduled program, we will be about the museum talking with the kids and posing for pictures.

Here is a list of some of the planned events:

10:00- 12:00 Build your own treasure box- Museum Staff
11:00- 11:30 PDXYAR Story time theater
11:30- 11:45 Sword and weapon demonstrations
12:30- 1:00 Shanties- featuring songs from the start of a sea voyage, their origins and history
1:00- 3:00 Tie Dye (additional cost of $3-$8 depending on item to dye)- Museum Staff
1:15- 1:30 Sword and weapon demonstrations
2:00- 2:30 PDXYAR Story time theater
3:00- 3:30 Shanties- featuring songs from the end of a sea voyage, their origins and history

[Shhh! Don’t tell anyone we told you this…]Here is an inside tip to share with your child- The Portland Children’s Museum is putting hints about Saturday’s Scavenger Hunt on their Facebook page. Give them a visit to get the upper hand![end secret message]

So, gather up your little ones, grab your camera and we will see you at the Portland Children’s Museum this Saturday!


What: The Pirate Celebration
When: starting at 10am
Museum members: FREE (for membership information click here)
Under age 1: FREE
Age 1-54: $9 (buy online, $8)
Ages 55+/Military: $8

Portland Children’s Museum
4015 SW Canyon Rd, Portland, OR 97221

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UPDATED: See Pirates of the Caribbean IV with Pirates!

UPDATES for the Tonight’s show:

  • Doors open at 10:30
  • Pre-film entertainment by the Bilge Rats & Pyrettes!
  • Free small popcorn to anyone attending in a pirate costume! (But, ye have to don yer finest piratical attire to qualify fer this special deal. Meanin’, ye need to be wearin’ more than just an eyepatch an’ a plastic hook!)
  • Glorious door prizes, courtesy of PDXYAR and the Roseway Theater!

“Pirates of the Caribbean- on Stranger Tides” hits theaters this weekend and it is time for you to make plans to join PDXYAR at the Roseway Theater. The Privateers of Stumptown will be descending on Portland’s finest digital theater for two shows.

To start with we will, be celebrating the movie’s release by adding our own piratical flair to Friday’s midnight showing. Get there early for the pre show entertainment, provided by PDXYAR and come adorned in your pirate best for chances to win glorious prizes. Tickets are on sale now

If you can’t make it to the Friday night show, you will have another chance to take in the movie with style… errr- class… well, there will be pirates. PDXYAR will be noon showing of the movie on Saturday as well.

Stay tuned to PDXYAR on Twitter and Facebook for more info on the pre-show entertainment.

Getting to the Roseway Theater:

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The Total Pirate Weekend- Wonder Northwest, Geeklesque and More!

In the last few months you have seen the crew of PDXYAR in many lights. You have seen us at the Space Room when Dangerous Kids and PDXYAR have presented “Pirates” (which means you saw us clueless as to the inclusion of Kraken Rum in the drink dubbed the “Captain Redgoat”). We have helped put on Geeklesque, at Guardian Games, where an angry cleric almost left us leaderless. You have even seen us providing… shall we say, color at the Jolly Roger as Quiz Master Poly spun pirate trivia questions, at TFAW for Free Comic Book Day, on the ice of a Winter Hawks game and even on TV with Rick Emerson. Of course, if nothing else you have at least seen us shamelessly promoting our, now, successful Kickstarter campaign to build a pirate ship.

This coming weekend you will be able to see PDXYAR engaging in our usual shenanigans and skulduggery, but there will also be something new. In the midst of an exciting weekend packed with events such as the St. John Parade, the return of Geeklesque and the premier of the Wonder Northwest Expo, PDXYAR will get the chance to put on our living history hats… err… tri corns.

This Sunday, at the Wonder Northwest Expo, PDXYAR’s passion for living history will take the stage- literally. We will host our own panel entitled “Pirates: Fact & Ficton” from 2 until 2:45 on Sunday. In the panel, the privateers of PDXYAR discuss some of the truths, lies, myths, legends, and Hollywood “tall tales” regarding those who sailed the seas during the “Golden Age” of piracy. This promises to be an entertaining and lively discussion featuring questions and counter arguments from the audience.

Of course, the panel is not the only contribution that PDXYAR will be making to Wonder Northwest this weekend. Starting on Saturday and running through Sunday night, PDXYAR will have a mini-encampment and a merchandise booth on the vendor floor. This is on top of making general nuisances of ourselves, spontaneously breaking into shanty and more than likely engaging in a melee or two. Finally to round out the expo, our own Captain Redgoat will be one of the judges in Sunday afternoon’s costume competition, which will indeed have a Best Pirate Costume Award.

Now that you have put “2pm Wonder Northwest- PDXYAR panel” into your smart phone, I am willing to bet you are wondering about the other events I mentioned. First while the Forenoon Watch is crewing the booth at Wonder Northwest, a PDXYAR landing party will be joining in a tradition that has been around since 1962- the St. John’s Parade. We will be marching with other brethren in support of the Portland Pirate Festival in the parade which starts at noon. Click here for more details about the St. John’s Parade.

Rounding out our weekend is the return of an event we have been anxiously awaiting, Geeklesque! Special Edition. Once again PDXYAR will be sponsoring the event which promises an evening of sultry superheroines!… villainous vixens!… and fantastic flirts! If you made the standing-room-only show at Guardian Games, you know that this is a must see show. So, join us at the Bossanova Ballroom at 8pm on Sunday night.

PDXYAR Invades Things From Another World

Spring is upon us once again and with it comes a most cherished tradition. No, we aren’t talking about the swallows returning to Capistrano, this is far more important than that. You see, it is almost the first Saturday in May.

Yes, that’s right. Free Comic Book Day is almost here! Of course this means you need to make plans to visit TFAW this Saturday, May 7th. The good folks at TFAW have put together a stunning collection of comic book creators, who will be at all three Portland area locations. And that is on top of special deals like $2 doorbuster graphic novels, 60% off hundreds of sale items and TFAW Bucks!

Click here for details and a list of comic book creators.

PDXYAR will, once again, be adding a decidedly pirate flavour to the day as we will be on hand at the Milwaukie & Portland Things From Another World locations from 10am – 4pm, We will be singing shanties, engaging in a fight or two and of course posing for pictures! There is even a rumour that there might be a round or two a Scallywag Hunt with the chance to win swag as well (Click here to follow PDXYAR on Twitter and get in on the fun).

Oh and, speaking of photography, TFAW has set up a Flickr Group Pool where you can share the photos you take at the event. You can join the group here.

Now if you find yourself not being able to make it to the Portland or Milwaukie locations, do not fret- all is not lost. While there won’t be a pirating presence at the Beaverton TFAW (not officially at least), there will be duly sworn representatives of the Empire on hand throughout the day. The great folks from the Vader’s Fist, the 501st Legion’s Cloud City Garrison will be manning their posts at the Beaverton TFAW store from 11am until 6pm. While they will definitely be posing for photos, I can’t promise you will get any intergalactic shanty singing out of them though. On top of all of this, if you get by the store between 4pm and 7pm, you will be able to meet a great artist and one of PDXYAR’s close friends, Dane Ault.

When: Saturday, May 7th from 10am until 7pm
Cost: FREE (hence the name)
Where: The 3 Portland area TFAW locations (details below)

TFAW Portland, OR

Facebook Event Page
Follow them on Twitter

4133 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97212
(503) 284-4693

TFAW Milwaukie

Facebook Event Page
Follow them on Twitter

10977 SE Main Street
Milwakie, Oregon 97222
(503) 652-2752

TFAW Beaverton

Facebook Event Page
Follow them on Twitter

4390 SW Lloyd Avenue
Beaverton, Oregon 97005
(503) 643-4222

Celebrate el Tiburon at the Jolly Roger!

Join PDXYAR as we celebrate the success of our Kickstarter Campaign: The Quest for a Pirate Ship at the John’s Landing Jolly Roger on Friday, April 29th. We will also be making one last fundraising push as we attempt to reach some of the over-funding goals listed here.

So what can you expect the Salte el Tiburon? How about Quizmaster Polly for a glorious round of Quizzy Trivia for starters? We thought that might get your attention. We will have prizes, swag, even the possibility of a shanty or two and of course Glory!

When: Friday, April 29th starting at 7:30
Cost: NO COVER, but Glory starts at $1!
Where: The Jolly Roger at John’s Landing

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It’s Time for the Stumptown Comic Fest!

Yes indeed, it is time once again for the Stumptown Comic Fest. This Saturday and Sunday, at the Oregon Convention Center, this will be the biggest Fest yet. With two full days of artists, guests, panels and events, this year you will also find pirates prowling around the booths.

The pirates of PDXYAR will be establishing base camp at the Things from Another World booth (see map below) on both Saturday and Sunday. But you will also find them all about the festival floor entertaining the crowds and being a general nuisance. (I probably am not supposed to tell you this, but we might be running some games while we are there. Keep a weather eye on Twitter and Facebook for announcements.) Don’t forget to swing by the TFAW booth and get your picture taken with a pirate!

When: Saturday and Sunday, April 16th and 17th
What Time: Saturday 10am-6pm and Sun 12am-6pm
Cost: $7/day, $12/weekend • Kids 10 & under FREE (with adult)
Get can your tickets online via TicketsWest
Where: Oregon Convention Center

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Outlook Portland

“Some thirteen years ago when convincing my wife to move to Portland, Oregon, instead of extolling the cities glorious nature, or the compelling mix of political views, I should have just sold Portland to her by saying, ‘It’s got pirates.'”

Rick Emerson

Earlier this month, PDXYAR’s Captain Redgoat and Sailing Master Dingo appeared on the TV32’s Outlook Portland with Rick Emerson to discuss all things pirate and to delve deeply into particularities of being a swashbuckler in Stumptown. If you missed the show (and let’s face it, the show airs a little earlier than most scallywags can shake themselves loose from the rack) here is your chance. The episode, in all it’s glory, has been uploaded to the show’s YouTube channel.

Enjoy the show, broken into 4 segments, below and don’t forget to check out Outlook Portland as well as Rick Emerson’s “Emerson News Network.”

Critical Hit Geeklesque!

After a full day piratical gaming with PDXYAR at GameStorm 13 what better way to unwind then a night of Geeklesque? While the expression may be over used, Critical Hit Burlesque’s Geeklesque will be a uniquely Portland event. Where else will you find a mixture of Geek themes and burlesque performances?

If that isn’t enough to get you off the couch and head to Guardian Games Saturday, March 26th at 8pm, then perhaps we can sweeten the pot. Beyond the performances, there will be raffle and trivia, as well. These will be featuring fabulous prizes from event sponsors Floating World Comics, Hot Lips Pizza, Hollywood Vintage, and yes, you guessed it, PDXYAR!

For a full run down of the event, with a list of performers, check out the Geeklesque Facebook page

What: Geeklesque!
When: Saturday, March 26, 2011 8:00 pm
Cost: $8
Guardian Games
303 SE 3rd Ave.
Portland, OR

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GameStorm 13 is Coming!

The Northwest’s premiere social and strategic gaming convention, GameStorm, is set to take over the Vancouver Hilton March 24th through the 27th. Now in it’s thirteenth year, GameStorm has a full scheduled of gaming events. dealers, a swap meet and special appearances.

As one would expect, PDXYAR will be in attendance (just look for the rowdy pirates or listen for a hearty echo of “Yar!”). Not only will we be there, but we have a full on broadside of activities planned. Below you will find a schedule of our offerings:


2:00pm Liar’s Dice
8:00pm Liar’s Dice Epic Throw Down


10:00am Pirate Fluxx
12:00pm Savage Worlds 50 Fathoms
3:00pm Pirates of the Cursed Seas Sealed Pack Game


10:00am Munchkin Booty
1:00pm Pirates of the Cursed Seas Sealed Pack Game

Don’t forget, if you are the sort of rouge to enjoy pirate gaming, check out PDXYAR’s Gaming site by clicking here.

Here are the particulars:

What: GameStorm
When: March 24- 27 For hours click here
Hilton Vancouver Washington
301 W. 6th Street
Vancouver, WA 98660
Tel: 360-993-4500

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