PGC3 Geek Olympathon Returns for 2013

Once a year the opportunity to strive for the ultimate in Geek Glory! grips Portland. It is that annual point in standard linear time when the tachyons are separated from the bradyons. It is when whole of Stumptown becomes a battle ground of physical prowess and intellectual adroitness. It is the PGC3 Geek Olymathon.

Grab your bat’leth, pocket your hydrospanner and load your team into the Quinjet for it all goes down this weekend.

Yes, the Olypathon is back and it is indeed better than ever. The competitive events list is long and distinguished. With challenges such as the “Super-Grade-A Awesome Photo Challenge”, “Geek Trivia: Olympathon Edition”, “Filk Off! With the PDX Broadsides” and much more (see the full lineup here), there is sure to be something to challenge even the most stalwart Geeks.

PDXYAR will once again be providing our pair of signature events; Liar’s Dice and the Skallywag Hunt.

Lair’s Dice

Between noon and 5pm you will be able to find crew members at the Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven, waiting to take on all comers in a rousing game of Liar’s Dice. One member of your team can challenge them, four or five at a time, in a game with death Glory! on the line. Each game should last around 20 minutes (if you are lucky).

Skallywag Hunt

Think of it as a scavenger hunt where you use clues to find piratical skallywags brazenly hiding somewhere in Portland. We will post first the identity of the target skallywag on Twitter and Facebook and then provide a series of three progressively easier clues to help you locate them. Your objective is to locate the target, take a photo with him or her and then post it to Twitter (hash tagged with #skallywaghunt) or Facebook (tagged with PDXYAR). We will be awarding first, second and third place medals in each of the four rounds that will run between noon and 5pm. Each team can only medal once in this event.

For a leg up in this event be sure to follow @pdxyar on Twitter and refresh the PDXYAR Facebook page frequently (since we know you won’t get all the updates in your news feed).

A Pirate Extravaganza for the 4th of July!

Pop Quiz- which of the following images represent the better way to celebrate the Forth of July?


OR would you perfer:


If you chose the second image, you are our kind of scoundrel. Why would anyone want to celebrate the 4th of July with sparklers and whiz-bangs when there is a much better option- cannons and black powder musketry!

This very Fourth you can celebrate with Trackers PDX and PDXYAR at a piratical picnic like no other. Not only will PDXYAR be demonstrating our cannons and black powder weapons, but Trackers will have traditional skills stations in blacksmithing, wilderness survival and homesteading skills open as well. Now add to that, a picnic potluck, horseshoe pits, an archery range (bring your gear) and best of all no traffic to fight will make this is the place to be on the 4th.

When: July 4th 11am-6pm
Cost: FREE!
More Details: Click Here
Facebook Invitation: Click Here
Where: Bull Run Educational Center, 41515 SE Thomas Rd, Sandy, Oregon 97055 (in the campground)

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Set Your Sails for the Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival

This very weekend the crew of PDXYAR is laying in a course for what could just be the zenith of the summer’s pirating season. Of course, we are talking about the Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival.

Now in it’s fourth year, this pirate fest is one of our favorites. With something for all ages, there will be pirate music, pirates roving about, festival rides and lots of vendors. The three day event also offers succulent foods and hearty libations, the chance to purchase exotic wares, musical acts, performances, a scavenger treasure hunt and even fire dancing shows. Of course all of this will be served up in an atmosphere that would make the pirates of old feel right at home. In short, our kind of weekend.

If you haven’t been to the RBPF here is a taste of what you have been missing…

When: June 28th, 29th and 30th
Where: Downtown/Beach Front Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

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Beginning of Summer EDition Pt. 2 with guests the Pirates of PDXYAR

This Friday night PDXYAR will be guests on Portland’s own Ed Forman Show– what could possibly go wrong?

Ed Forman

Ed is “Portland’s King of Late-Night!” – a boozy, polyester clad, selfish self-help guru who hosts “The Ed Forman Show, with ME! ED FORMAN!” After 4 years of performing Tuesday night’s at Dante’s in downtown Portland, Forman moved to Al’s Den in McMenamin’s Crystal Hotel at the end of 2012 for a three night a week residency; every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

“Imagine Stephen Colbert as a libidinous sociopath!” – The Willamette Week

PDXYAR is proud to be appearing on the show this Friday night, June 21st, at 10:30pm. Come on to down to Al’s Den, inside McMenamin’s Crystal Hotel, to kick off your weekend with polyester, booze and what is most assuredly going to be a great night.

When: Friday, June 21st at 10:30
Cost: No Cover!
Where: Al’s Den (inside McMenamin’s Crystal Hotel)- 303 SW 12th Ave, PDX

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The 2nd Friday Raid of the Space Room Comes Again!

Yes me hearties, tis that time again when we all gather about the bar of the Space Room Lounge to pour themed libations into our gullets and join the crew in shanty and frivolity.

Poster for the Space Room Raid
Poster for the Space Room Raid

Unofficially dubbed ” Space Room II: Shortshanks Revenge!” in honor of Shortshanks’ return, on her birthday no less, this is going to be a special evening (for those who remember it). Besides, what better way to really kick off your summer than with a bunch of pirates?

When: Friday, June 14th- 9pm to midnight
Cost: No Cover!
Facebook Invite: Click here
Where: Space Room Lounge
4800 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR ‎

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The 2013 Summer of Glory Tour

Behold here, at last, is your first peek at PDXYAR’s upcoming summer tour. Remember to check back often for updates as there are sure to be more dates added!





May the Fourth be with You on Free Comic Book Day

Oh yes, it is that most glorious time of year once again- FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! This year it is a very special FCBD as it falls on the May the Fourth as well. What more could you want, right?

Well, might some pirates help to spice things up even more? If you concur with that notion you are in luck for PDXYAR is once again invading TFAW locations to bring our own flare to this illustrious event.

This year we will be appearing at both the Portland and Milwaukie stores from 10am until 2pm. Come out to visit with a skallywag, pose for photos, see what hijinks we get into this year and perhaps score a bit of PDXYAR swag.

While that should definitely be enough to get you out of bed, don’t forget it is FCBD and Things from Another Wold has a full lineup planned. Don’t believe me, read on then.

At the Portland Store

9:00 am: Doors open!
11:30-1:30 pm Signings:
Terry Dodson – Uncanny X-Men
Erika Moen – Bucko, DAR
Jeremy Barlow – Mass Effect, R.I.P.D.
2:00-4:00 pm Signings:
Joshua Williamson and Vicente Navarrete – Captain Midnight, Sketch Monsters
Michael Avon Oeming – Victories, Powers
Giveaways From the Following: Coco Donuts (while supplies last), plus enter our raffle to win a skateboard deck with a sketch by Terry Dodson from Rip City Skate! Bring your TFAW receipt to Skyline Burgers May 4 to save 15%!
Special Guests: Free demos by Espionage Cosmetics from 12-3; the Pirates of PDXYAR from 10-2.

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At the Milwaukie Store

9:00 am: Doors open!
12-2 pm Signings:
Ryan Hill – Avatar: The Last Airbender
Leia Weathington – The Legend of Bold Riley
Ibrahim Moustafa – The Pound
Giveaways From the Following: CD Game Exchange, Pietro’s Pizza & Spring Creek Coffee House (while supplies last)
Special Guests: The Pirates of PDXYAR from 10-2.

Don’t forget that after you visit with PDXYAR at one, or dare I suggest both the above locations, head out to Beaverton to visit with Stormtroopers and a galaxy of characers from the Cloud City Garrison & Kashyyyk Base.

The Kind-a-Sort-of-Annual PDXYAAARD Sale Returns!

Plunder is our business and business has been good… perhaps too good. It seems that we have a amassed a gigantic booty and need some of you fine souls to help us change these treasures into something easier to carry, like currency (have you ever gone into an ABC store and tried to exchange a a bolt of silk and a small chest myrrh for a bottle of rum? They simply won’t do it. Is this what we have come to?)

In order to offload our treasures we will be holding the Second (or is it the third?) Sort-of-but-not-really Annual PDXYAAARD Sale! So please, come and browse the finest collection of furniture (not at all burned!), toys (no, really, toys), collectibles (we honestly had no idea they had value, we just thought they were neat) and of course PIRATE SWAG! Yes, we’ve accoutered our fine yacht, El Tiburon, perhaps a bit too well. There’s only so much room on the ship, after all. So come and take our things at a low, low price! (Seriously, it’s beautiful stuff, we just want most of it gone so we can see out the portholes again.)

When: April 6th & 7th, 8am-5pm. We’re gluttons for punishment.
Where: 2331 NE 121st Ave., Portland, OR 97220

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Introducing PDXYAR YARga

Following a weekend that started off with Kevin Stephenson’s show opening at the Sequential Art Gallery + Studio (not to mention the after party) as well as PIRATES at the Space Room, and then went on to include the “springing forward” start of daylight savings time, this Monday might be a little rough for some of us. The results of so much GLORY! on top of ol’ Ben Franklin’s grand idea may have left you feeling a little slow, perhaps even sluggish.

If this is you, you are in luck. Today is the day we unveil PDXYAR YARga! Follow the video below closely and you will be pacing the quarter deck like Nelson himself in no time.

A huge thanks to Shanty Mistress Greta Isabella Thørbjørnsen for producing this video.

Kevin Stephenson’s “Shades of Black” Opens at Sequential Art Gallery on First Thursday

An often discussed subject, over of bottles of rum and pots of ale, below decks aboard the El Tiburon is that we just don’t have enough culture in our lives. I know that to many of you, asserting that PDXYAR lacks culture (except Fancy Nate, of course) would be like stating that water is wet. Yet, if you share in this lacking, fortune is yours. First Thursday is nearly upon us and with it comes your opportunity to take in some art and soak up some culture.

Not only that, but this particular First Thursday brings with it a very special show by Kevin Stephenson to the Sequential Art Gallery + Studio.


Focused heavily on the art of story telling, “Shades of Black” combines two collections. The first of these collection is “Counting Corvids” an interpretation, through illustration, of the old world practice of divining through the counting of ravens or crows. While the second pulls directly from pirate lore.

In  “The Derelict”, the poem-turned-song more commonly known as “Fifteen Men on a Dead Man’s Chest” from Robert Lewis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island,” Kevin fleshes out the tale with Pirate wanted posters.

Now, if the name Kevin Stephenson sounds familiar to you, it should. He is co-owner of The Forge & Thistle specializing in hand-wrought metal craft, leather working and woodworking good. More over he is also known as Lucian MacTavish and serves as Master Gunner of PDXYAR.

To lend support to our highly esteemed mate, PDXYAR will have some few pirates on hand to add a touch of Yar! to this most august of occasions. Join us!

Cost: FREE!
When: Thursday, March 7th, 6-10pm; Exhibit on display through Saturday, March 30th
Where: Sequential Art Gallery + Studio, 328 NW Broadway #113, PDX
Facebook Invite: Click here