All Yer Piratical Weekend Plans Be Here!

No matter what corner of fair Portlandia ye calls home, yer certain to find a piratical port-o-call this weekend!

Our holds are packed with swag and PDXYAR is settin’ sail fer new ports over the coming days.  Read on to find where ye might be able to cross blades with a member of our crew!

Sea Dog Nights
July 22 – 26
Cheadle Lake Park
Lebanon, Oregon

We’ve signed the articles and joined Captain Jack Cross and his crew aboard the Scarlet Dove fer this event!  Make yer way south and join in on the revelry, fire-dancing and black powder!  If’n yer lucky, ye may be able to challenge Captain Redgoat to a game of Liar’s Dice or Toblero!

GameStorm Free Game Day
Saturday, July 25
9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Hilton Hotel
Vancouver, Washington

Thar be games a plenty at this event, but you’ll be wantin’ to show up at 1:00 PM fer a Pirates of the Cursed Seas “battle royale” led by our very own Sharkbait!

Pirates of the Cursed Seas Constructed Scenario – presented by PDXYAR
Scenario: All Hands, to the Football!

only 1 wild Island in the whole game,

only 1 coin in the whole game (the ‘football’)
NO home islands

The last person with the ‘football’ (single coin) wins the game.
If a ship is sunk with the coin onboard then the coin is returned to the only island
Submarines are allowed in this game.  Ships or crew with the ‘Eternal’ keyword are not!

Bilge Rats & Pyrettes: A Rockin’ Pirate Party at the Porterhouse
Saturday, July 25
9:00 PM – 12:30 AM
Porterhouse Restaurant
14611 SE McLoughlin Blvd.
Portland, Oregon

Cap yer Saturday off in proper piratical fashion with our good mates from the Bilge Rats & Pyrettes!  Join this crew as they perform three sets of glorious pirate music fer a pub full of rogues, scallywags and cutthroats.  Plus, once the “proper” musicians are offstage, rumor has it that the night will end with pirate karaoke.  What could possibly go wrong?  Huzzah!


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