PDXYAR can trace it’s origins to a group of stout souls engaging in “naval combat” through the use of the miniature constructable sailing vessels of the WizKids “Pirates” strategy game. As their gaming group grew, so did their interest in the history and legend of the pirates, privateers and Golden Age of Piracy. This knowledge developed a practical side as period costumes were developed and the group began making appearances at gaming shops and the Portland Pirate Festival to demonstrate the game.

From these humble beginnings, PDXYAR has grown and evolved until in 2010 they assumed the mantle of “The Swashbucklers of Stumptown.” While pirate gaming remains an intrinsic element of the group, they have also become historical fictioneers. Providing services such as pirate appearances, staged combat, fire dancing, living history instruction and many others, they are performers who are dedicated to both educating and entertaining audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Please visit our Services page for a complete list and the details of how we could enhance your next event.

What sets PDXYAR apart

The diversity our crew brings to the events we perform at allows us to tailor the experience to each client. Each of our crew members is an experienced performer and as a whole, we embrace a strong narrative-driven performance that allows for both an entertaining and interactive experience for the crowd.

Some of the Places We’ve Been Spotted

Portland Pirate Festival
Sail for the Cure
Seattle SeaFair
Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival
Things From Another World
Portland Starlight Parade
Penumbra Fantasy Faire
Portland Winterhawks Mascot Night

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