These are some of the finest cuthroats, scallywags and naer-do-wells ever to cross paths with our crew. You might cast yer deadlights on some of these pirates at our events, though they generally sail from their own ports.

Jack Cross, The Rogue Saint
Master & Commander of the Scarlet Dove

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John Christopher “Topknot” Roberts
Owner & Captain of the Dread Ship Outrageous Fortune
Co-Captain o’ The Swashbuckler’s Ball

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Rum Ginny & Lady Gayle Gallows, the Checkmate
Head Mistresses of Guardian Games

Seattle Seafair Pirates

Seattle Seafair Pirates

Captain John Youngblood
Skull & Thistle Pirates

Sir Steevn Basil Drakestongue

Captain of the Prairie Witch

Sparrow PDX

Vincent Payne
Captain and Proprietor of
The Copper Coin Festhall

Ava “The Black Widow” Morley
Captain of the Widow’s Scourge

The King’s Navy

Ace of Ruin

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