These mates serve as the officers of PDXYAR and our flagship, El Tiburon. They’re a stalwart bunch, ready for a day’s sail at a moment’s notice. Whenever yer lucky enough to find PDXYAR in yer area, chances are you’ll see more than a few of these mates.

Fjørd Porkins

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With the eye of an eagle and the agility of a pygmy goat, Porkins has quickly established himself as one of Portland’s premiere pirates. He has won the hearts of many, as well as their coin purses. Everywhere he goes, crowds cheer his name with reckless abandon.

Robert “Ramrod” McMurphy

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Guapo del Negro
Ship’s Cook

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For such a loud fellow, little is known about the pre-piracy days of Guapo del Negro. Not that the crew really cares, El Tiburon’s cook keeps their belly’s stuffed and their tankards full. Some say he once sailed in the Barbary Coast, while others claim he was an honest-to-God commodore in the Queen’s navy. Truth be told, Guapo makes that claim himself when he’s in his cups, which is all the time. These days, he’s content to feed the good crew and keep to his galley. But on quiet nights, you’ll hear him mubmble of vengeance against a mysterious “thrice-damned kraken”.

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