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UPDATED: PDXYAR Raids the 16th Century

Posted by Bob Alpi On September 5, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Tweet Now before you become racked with worry that the crew has stumbled upon an unlocked Tardis, let me qualify that title. This very weekend the Oregon Renaissance Festival of Hillsboro will hosting a pirate-themed weekend and PDXYAR shall indeed be a part of their re-creation of a 16th century European village. Luckily for you,  [ Read More ]


Tweet This very weekend the crew of PDXYAR is laying in a course for what could just be the zenith of the summer’s pirating season. Of course, we are talking about the Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival. Now in it’s fourth year, this pirate fest is one of our favorites. With something for all ages, there  [ Read More ]

Come One, Come All to the Portland Pirate Festival!

Posted by Bob Alpi On September 1, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Tweet Yes, it is that time once again for the Portland Pirate Festival to raid the unsuspecting town of St. Helens. PDXYAR will, as always, be a part of that happy band to wash ashore for a weekend of piratical fun and frivolity. Make sure to come by and visit out encampment, visit with the  [ Read More ]

The Swashbuckler’s Ball Returns!

Posted by Bob Alpi On September 1, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Tweet Break open the weapons locker and roll out the guns, the Swashbuckler’s Ball is returning for it’s third year! This time around SwashBall will be making port Saturday, November 17th at the Melody Ballroom and it promises to be the biggest ball yet! Many of you have been asking, so we will start off  [ Read More ]

UPDATED- PDXYAR Returns to Maher’s Irish Pub

Posted by Bob Alpi On August 3, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Tweet UPDATE: Avast! This weekend’s raid on Maher’s Pub has been postponed. We’ll let you know when it is re-scheduled. This weekend set a course for Lake Oswego and join of the PDXYAR crew at Maher’s Irish Pub. If you missed our previous raids at Maher’s you can make up for it with not one,  [ Read More ]

Tweet This weekend you should embark in a short cruise down to Sherwood, Oregon for the Sherwood Fantasy Fair. This is a festival designed to combine the fun filled worlds of medieval, fantasy, folklore, fairey, pirate and a tiny bit of steampunk into a family friendly event. Blending blending historical fact, myth and popular fantasy.  [ Read More ]

All’s Fair- Now with PDXYAR!

Posted by Bob Alpi On June 5, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Tweet This weekend following Pirates! at the Space Room the crew will be setting a northernly course to All’s Fair in Bonney Lake, Washington. Located between Seattle and Tacoma, this is a seminal event for growing the LARPing community by exposing the different aspects of various clubs though music, merchants, tournaments, questing, games, workshops, and  [ Read More ]

Tweet Make a clean sweep fore and aft, brace the mizen and set out the boarding netting for Wonder Northwest is luffing up on the larboard quarter! That is a call that should set your feet aflitter for there is naught else that celebrates all that is geek like this event.. Returning for the second,  [ Read More ]

Geek Olympathon is Upon You!

Posted by Bob Alpi On May 18, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Tweet Once again the seminal moment of your geek year is upon up. We are talking about the annual opportunity to prove your inner geek Kung Fu is strong as you pit your mind, body and even your very soul against other like minded individuals with #GLORY! and fabulous prizes on the line. Yes, the  [ Read More ]


Tweet The cataclysmic crash of cannon stealing the air from your lungs, the explosive report of a musket as it’s butt drives back into your shoulder and the feel of a blade leaving your hand to spiral towards a distant target all have the power to transport one back through the veils of time to  [ Read More ]