4th Annual Portland Pirate Festival = WIN


The ship is back in port, the stores unloaded and the crew on shore leave. The 4th Annual Portland Pirate Festival has come and gone, leaving the rum-soaked memories of a glorious weekend with some of our favorite piratical friends. There are so many who made PDXYAR’s booth at this year’s Pirate Fest a success, we’re certain that we’d leave someone out by listing them all. But hell… we’ll try it anyway.

The PDXYAR Crew:

Admiral Giles Seamus Hagthorpe MacGuffin
Captain Ragnar “Redgoat” MacHaggis
Captain Sir Steevn Basil Drakestongue
Captain Jack Cross “The Rogue Saint”
Francescia “Frankie” T. Sullivan O’Malley- Quartermaster
Calico Chris – Bard
Sonia The Red – Bosun
Jimmy Long Guns – Gunner
Sven Forkbeard – Emperor of the North / Navigator
Arrrlene Arrrthur – Navigator
Sharkbait – Anchor
Bilge Gullet – Cook
Master Fleet Builder Hpred – Shipwright
Dogan (and wench) – Curmudgeon
Captain Kid – Mate

Plus, we’re happy to welcome aboard these fine new recruits:

Commodore Guapo del Negro
The Dread Pirate Devo – Mate
Soul Stealer – Historian
El Camino – Mate
The Mistresses of Guardian Games

If ye happen to run across our home port by way of the Pirate Fest, welcome! Aside from running a weekly game night at Guardian Games (every Monday from 7pm – 10pm), we’re currently planning more Epic Scale Pirates events over the next few months. Plus, this page will soon be replaced with an uber-shiny WordPress website, so keep a weather eye out fer that.

Thanks again to all who came out and made history at this year’s Portland Pirate Fest. We’ll keep ye updated with all the comings and goings of PDXYAR as we prepare to sojourn to new shores over the coming months.


Ragnar “Redgoat” MacHaggis, Captain


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