The Rockaway Pirate Festival

Imagine, if you will, it is the year 1716. You are standing on the edge of a small coastal town, your eyes cast seaward. You spy a ship standing at anchor, she bobs languidly in the ebbing tide. Her sails are neatly furled and few walk the decks, but wisps of smoke still rise from her larboard side cannons to be taken by the westerly breeze..

Closer in to shore a pair of cutters slice their way through the frothing surf on the strong pull of the sweeps. As they slide onto the the unprotected beach their crews rush forth with weapons drawn. With swords, boarding ax, musket and pistol held aloft the pirates stride into town like they own the place…

Because they do.

While the PDXYAR Q Branch has yet to perfect our time travel device so you may experience this scene in person, we do have something that comes in at a close second- The Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival.

Happening this very weekend, not only is this a great fest, it is the closest Pirate Festival to PDX happening this year. Do not question it, just gather your crew and run for your favorite mode of conveyance.

What will be waiting for you on the coast? How about the triumphant return of the PDXYAR black powder show! We’ll have a cannon and small arms line setup and will be doing a total of 4 shows. We will also have We’ll have a tent/booth setup with Liar’s Dice and an opportunity for kids to “join the crew” of El Tiburon. On top of that are two evening shows on Friday and Saturday night, pub raids, train raids and more.

Don’t delay! Make plans for the coast this weekend!

When: June 27th, 28th and 29th
Cost: FREE! (No entry fee, Rum extra)
Where: Downtown Rockaway Beach


  1. Was at the June show we had a booth Ladd,s leather we have a great time counting the day to the next one

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