Pirates Return to the Space Room Lounge!

Legend has foretold of a shining city beneath a towering mountain where culture and peace flourish. Yet, the Ancient Seers knew it was not to remain so for long. They have seen visions of great sails billowing and a stout wooden vessel making port in the the fair city under a flag of black. They have seen a great horde of ill favored men and stunning, yet contumelious, women coming ashore and descending, in the way of a mannerless rabble, upon a local public house month after month.

As it has been foretold, Pirates are returning to the Space Room!

Yes, indeed, after a holiday hiatus, the plans for the PDXYAR, Dangerous Kids and The Space Room Lounge to present “Pirates” are now complete. Not only is this much loved event returning, we have all worked together to come up with some improvements we hope will be to your liking.

The first change to Pirates (v2.0, if you will) is sure to make you happy. No longer will the event be held on Thursday nights! Instead, in order to preserve your sick days (and ours!) “Pirates at the Space Room” will now be held on Friday nights. In fact, you can plan right now to join us on the second Friday of every month.

On top of the usual singing of shanties, amazingly delicious (and dangerously potent) special drinks and general tomfoolery, you can look forward to a few new additions. One such addition is a Liar’s Dice Challenge. In this you will be able to challenge a pirate to a game of Liar’s Dice and if you win… well, let’s say there is a reward that certain state and local regulations prohibit us from discussing in an open forum.

The first of the new and improved “Pirates at the Space Room” will be Friday, February 10th from 8pm until midnight. After that will be occurring every 2nd Friday of the month. Make your plans, grab the number to your favorite cab company and we will see you there!

When: Friday, February 10th from 8pm until midnight (then every 2nd Friday of the month)
Where: The Space Room Lounge
4800 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard
Portland, OR 97215
(503) 235-6957

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