UPDATED: The BooYah Strikes Back – This Saturday!

UPDATE: As discussed on this week’s episode of Geek in the City, if ye be brave enough and you have ten dollars you can challenge a pirate to Toblero at the Boo-Yah Strikes Back. GLORY is not the only thing on the line either. If you should buck the insurmountable odds and defeat a pirate, a fabulous prize will be yours for the taking. So, count your duckets, screw your courage to the sticking point and see if you can take down a pirate!

After two very long years, the crew of Geek in the City Radio have finally decided to save us from the unrelenting toil we must endure in our lives (because we are not Scott Dally) and bring back the Boo-Yah awards. This momentous event has been dubbed “The BooYah Strikes Back – Listener Party” and will be held this very Saturday from 8 until 11pm at Guardian Games. make plans now to join your hosts, Aaron Duran, Scott Dally, Dan Clark, Kielen King and Kaebel Hashitani as they bring you “greatest damn listeners party about geeks and 3D explosions of all time!”

What can you look forward to? How does a very special, live, “Fun with Race,” sound? Not enough? Then let’s toss in new categories to the Boo-Yah Awards such as like “Most Gratuitous Ass-Shot”, “Michael Bay Award of Explosion Awesomeness,” and more.

But, wait. We’re still not done. Join us for contests, beer and even Scott Dally!

Can you believe we’re still not done? If you attend the Boy-Yah Strikes Back you will even be able to play pirate games with PDXYAR.

What more could you ask for? How about NO COVER? That’s right, there is no cost to attend this 21 and over event. That said, Guardian Games will be selling beer, (hence this being a 21 and over event) so open your wallets and help support this great business.

Now that you have the details, go forth, tell your friends and warp on over to the Facebook event to joyously click the “I’m Attending Button!”

What: The Boo-Yah Strikes Back
When: Saturday, September 17 ยท 8:00pm – 11:00pm
Cost: FREE to enter- Booze for purchase.
Where: Guardian Games

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