Breaking News- PDXYAR Elects a New Captain!

Posted by Bob Alpi On February 21, 2014 2 COMMENTS

Dateline Stumptown- PDXYAR has a new Captain. Following the example of Golden Age pirates The Swashbucklers of Stumptown have adopted the practice of electing a captain annually by secret ballot. We are proud to announce that, as of February 16, 2014 , our new captain is Fjørd Porkins! Former Captain Redgoat, having passed the mantle  [ Read More ]

Join the Crew for Blackbeard Friday at Bella Notte!

Posted by Bob Alpi On November 13, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

This Friday is more than just “Black Friday.” Indeed, thanks to Bella Notte, it is Blackbeard Friday! If you have to face the throngs of bargain hunters what better way to drink away the agony than with pirates of PDXYAR… and belly dancers! Yes, you read that right. Blackbeard Friday is about pirates, sea shanties,  [ Read More ]

Behold Shanty-aoke!

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Have you a longing for something new and different to do with your Friday night? Then behold Shanty-aoke! The progeny of a collaboration between PDXYAR and The Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven, Shanty-aoke combines Karaoke From Hell with shanties. Singers will be provided with lyrics to a shanty and they will perform with a  [ Read More ]

The Rose City Comic Con Descends on PDX this Weekend!

Posted by Bob Alpi On September 19, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

If I may make a humble suggestion, take Friday night off this week. Seriously, you should stay home, have a nice dinner and go to bed early. You should conserve your energy for the Rose City Comic Con this weekend. The lineup at this year’s RCCC is simply fantastic. With six rooms for panels your  [ Read More ]

PDXYAR to Set Up Camp at OMSI this Weekend

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Just last weekend we looked back in time and raided the 16th century. Now this coming weekend we are gazing into the future by appearing at OMSI’s Mini Maker’s Faire. OMSI describes the event as, “Portland Mini Maker Faire is the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth,” and judging from the list of makers this  [ Read More ]

UPDATED: PDXYAR Raids the 16th Century

Posted by Bob Alpi On September 5, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Now before you become racked with worry that the crew has stumbled upon an unlocked Tardis, let me qualify that title. This very weekend the Oregon Renaissance Festival of Hillsboro will hosting a pirate-themed weekend and PDXYAR shall indeed be a part of their re-creation of a 16th century European village. Luckily for you, you  [ Read More ]

Where’s Redgoat?

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Yes, it is something of a pirate version of “Where’s Waldo,” but this time we are seeking our errant captain. Luckily for you, oh fortunate reader of this post, I am going to let you in on the secret. While on ashore, Redgoat, perhaps after too much grog, strayed into a Faerie Ring and has  [ Read More ]


Fancy a toss of the caber, a put of the stone or perhaps hearing the haunting measures of a massed pipe band? If such things sing within the halls of your woad painted soul, or even if you just are be slightly less enthusiastic, fortune smiles upon you this weekend as it is time for  [ Read More ]

PGC3 Geek Olympathon Returns for 2013

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Once a year the opportunity to strive for the ultimate in Geek Glory! grips Portland. It is that annual point in standard linear time when the tachyons are separated from the bradyons. It is when whole of Stumptown becomes a battle ground of physical prowess and intellectual adroitness. It is the PGC3 Geek Olymathon. Grab  [ Read More ]

A Pirate Extravaganza for the 4th of July!

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Pop Quiz- which of the following images represent the better way to celebrate the Forth of July? OR would you perfer: If you chose the second image, you are our kind of scoundrel. Why would anyone want to celebrate the 4th of July with sparklers and whiz-bangs when there is a much better option- cannons  [ Read More ]